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                     Change your life!  Heal!  Prosper and be happy!

This web site is only for those that want to improve their life and health. If you are perfectly happy with your state of health, your life and emotions, just continue doing what you were doing so far. Only, if you want to change your life, health and feelings for better, please continue reading.

Change is something many desire, but only some of us actually accomplish. First, you need to know what you do not want in your life, than you need to know what is it you really want, stay focused only on the goals you want, and act accordingly. Once when you decide you are gona change your life and health, act on it and commit, the process itself actually becomes easy and your life much  more interesting.

Please do not read further if you are just a winy person, complaining of the injustices and difficulties the life had brought you, but do not want to actually do anything serious to change that. If you do not act for a change, than you actually enjoy the present state and condition of your life, even if you do not admit it. So, either stop complaining, or do something! Please read further only if you truly want to change your life for the better, if you are serious about it, are able to commit to your word and desired goal, and make determined and serious actions toward your goals.

Only you can change your life. I can not do it for you. Others can not do it for you. They are busy with their own lives. So, it is up to you to do something, if you want to. If you tried, could not do it on your own, and need help, you are here for the reason. 

Are you are serious enough to commit, act, follow and carry your new life plan and action to next level?

The main things you need to change in order to improve the state of your life and health are:

 ♥  State of Mind (Daily Thoughts and Emotions).

 ♥  Healthy Diet 

 ♥  Exercise 

 ♥  Living Habits

As a Raw Foodist, I can help you with the transition and transformation from your present mostly cooked, dead and deprived sugary fatty diet to living raw food vegetarian diet of veggies, fruits, sprouted nuts, seeds, grains and legumes. You are a living being, and your body need raw living food for the best performance. And, I can promise you that you will definitely feel much better than before and enjoy your life, body, beauty, youthfulness, health and food more than you can think now. 

I practice Qigong and meditation daily, and can help you learn more about the Taoist meditation and qigong. Including this simple and yet powerful daily practice in your life, can help you move and unblock stagnant or blocked energy. I strongly encourage you to also run, go to gym, play tennis, golf, racquet, soccer, football, hockey, ballet, dance, swim, etc.... , play, have fun and build your body, bones and muscles, in addition to this powerful and yet simple, slow qigong energy movements and Buddhist practices, that I teach.

And, here comes the MIND. Some say it is the most powerful tool for transformation and the foundation for our happiness, love, success, health.... And, I agree. You know how we all talk to ourselves all the time. Good stuff or bad stuff, analyze, criticize, object, protect .... We often try to spare others from our tamper, judgments, criticizing, bad words, anger... as we think 'it's not polite", or socially acceptable, but when we come to judging ourselves, it looks like we are our worst enemy. We critically analyze our body, part by part, looking for only the worst, we replay bad events of our lives again and again, just not to forget some past mistakes or problems, when we were hurt by others, left, or when we were yelled at or criticized by our parents, friends and/or co-workers. Do we want to learn from that or just torture ourselves? It looks like many want to put themselves down, as they are obviously not learning anything from it. Same bad stuff keep coming again and again! Some keep eating and eating more than they should for years, even when it is more than obvious to everybody around that it is not food that they need, or some keep finding bad partners again and again, or keep smoking or drinking alcohol even when we say they don't want, or are continually sick and tired... So, what is happening? Who is in control of our thoughts, living habits, actions, body..? Where is our true best self? It looks like somewhere deeply down scared, hurt and in hiding or crying out loud asking for help? Or asking for punishment? Well, you know what you are getting from life! If you are getting the same unpleasant life lessons, again and again... you know it is tame for change.  It seems logical if you want to get something different, you need to change how you live, what you do and how you think. If you had tried and could not do it yourselves, you are at the right place. Read more, learn more and call me to book your private session and consultation if you are ready for the change and if you really want to change.

If you are ready, please first learn more about my powerful TOTAL LIFE SYSTEM and each part of that system: Raw and living food diet for rejuvenation; Qigong for energy, healing and spiritual growth; and Mind re-programming and hypnosis for powerful Mind. All are very important, powerful and effective tools for your total and complete positive transformation.

If you want to change and transform your life for better, and would like a coach and help, call for a private session, or participate in my Total Life Change System Program and make one of the most important moves towards your positive change and new life! 

I can promise to make the change process easy to understand, follow and implement, personalize it just for you, your special goals and circumstances. My process and lessons are easy to learn, and are foundation for positive self-esteem, respect, acceptance, forgiveness, ethics, compassion, humility, gratitute, courage, success, love, happiness, joy, peace... - true positive change.

Do something for yourself!   Live to your fullest potential!   Be well!

Daniella is Certified Hypnotist, Member of National Guild of Hypnotists, Total Life Change System Coach, Lecturer, Raw Foodist, Qigongist and Real Estate Broker, practicing in Canada, Ontario, Toronto and GTA Area.

Daniella is fluent in English, Serbian/Croatian, Macedonian and Bulgarian, and can understand Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, Czech and Slovak Languages.

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